IRB Documents

The Application

Download the Kalamazoo College IRB application (Word Doc 24 KB).

Consent and Assent Forms

Any research that involves collecting data that will be individually-identifiable (even if identities of respondents are kept confidential) requires that participants sign a consent form. The consent form must clearly state what participants are being asked to do, how long it will take, and how the data will be used and stored. Here is an example of a sample consent form that you can edit to fit your project and procedures. The only research that does not require a consent form is research in which participants are completing an anonymous survey for which they do not interact with the researcher directly (the researcher is never even aware of who is and is not completing the study). Even in such cases, you should provide some brief information about what the survey will entail and ask participants to agree to participate before they proceed to the survey/questionnaire. View our page on What Type of IRB Review Will My Proposal Receive? for more information about the various levels of review and the appropriate amount of consent required for each.

If your research involves minors (anyone under the age of 18), then you must have a consent form for the minor’s guardian to sign and an assent form for the minor participant to sign.

  • Here is an example of an assent form to tailor to fit your research. Please work to make sure that the language used in the assent form is appropriate for the age of the child you are recruiting.

Instrument and Questionnaire

Remember you must also provide research instrument information as part of your application, including sample questions that participants will be asked. There is no specific format required for this, and all instruments and questionnaires should be included at the end of the application. For more information on this please see “Step 5 – Methods and Instruments

PLEASE NOTE: Your application, consent/assent forms, your methodological instrument, and your screenshot proof of ethics training completion needs to be ONE document that is titled with your last name. Any deviation from this will result in your IRB application being sent back to you.